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The perfect gifts for all occasions – Christenings, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Mother’s Day & every occasion in between! Each gift is available as a printed card or a beautiful e-card that you can send instantly. Decide during checkout!



Each gift is representative of our work around the world and your money will go into one of four specific programme funds, depending on which one you choose. With so many life-changing gifts to pick from, you’ll find something to suit everybody!



  1. Buy online now
  2. Visit your local Oxfam shop
  3. Call 1850 30 40 55 (Republic of Ireland) or 0800 0 30 40 55 (Northern Ireland)
  4. Freepost the form at the back of the Unwrapped catalogue. 



A lovely card or e-card for each gift purchased to give to a family member, work colleagues and friends!



Your gift will go where it’s needed most and begin to make an immediate difference. Each community we work with has different needs, so we ensure families living in severe poverty have a say in finding the best solution for them and we work with them to make that solution a reality. This means your gift has maximum impact and goes directly to where it is needed most.
When you purchase an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, your donation will fund projects that your gift represents. The gifts support the full range of Oxfam’s work – from emergency responses to advocacy.
Each gift in the Oxfam Unwrapped range has been picked because, alongside the fund that it represents, it plays an important part in helping people affected by poverty to build a brighter future. 
Depending on which Unwrapped gift you choose, the money generated goes into one of four special Unwrapped funds:

Being able to use your generous gift in a flexible way helps us to respond quickly and more effectively in rapidly changing situations, e.g. transporting emergency supplies to often remote communities in a humanitarian disaster. 
We tailor our activities so that they are appropriate to each community we work with.
For example, the money generated by the gift of a Goat will go into our Livelihoods fund, helping communities who rely on animals to have a secure and sustainable living. 
While providing livestock may be the best solution in one area, we might need instead to help farmers learn new agricultural techniques to combat drought in another. Or it could transform people’s lives in other related ways by providing veterinary care for their animals or even village grain banks.
Whatever gift you decide to buy, we’ll ensure that your money gets to the people who need it most. Thank you!
Check out this page for more information on how you're helping.

Oxfam Unwrapped - Great Gifts Change Lives For Good