Fight inequality€22 / £20

From Ghana to Greece, inequality is out of control. While the rich get richer, millions of people struggle for access to food, water and shelter. Right now just eight billionaires own the same wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion people.

It shouldn’t - and doesn’t have to – be this way. Your gift will support Oxfam’s vital campaign for a more human economy that works for everyone.

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Oxfam Unwrapped - Help Fight Inequality
Photo: Adam Patterson/Oxfam


The money raised through this Fight Inequality gift will fund our Investing in Futures projects which help people access vital services like education and healthcare.

In Hai Duong in Northern Vietnam, Hoan works hard to provide for her family. She puts in 62 hours a week at a garment factory where she earns as little as $1 an hour. By providing legal advice or training on labour laws, Oxfam is supporting workers like Hoan to claim their rights to decent working conditions and wages and help create a fairer society.

“If I were a rich person, I would use that money to help those less fortunate than me. I would protect the workers.”