Chocolate Wedding Favours (Pack of 10)€30 / £25

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Why not mark your special day by giving communities living in poverty a happier and brighter future?

These chocolate hearts will not only look sweet on your guests’ table setting but can help budding cocoa growers to succeed by giving them everything from cocoa seeds to tools and training.

The money raised from your gift will go into Oxfam’s livelihoods work, helping communities make a secure and sustainable living.

About the cards:

Each card is die cut in the shape of two hearts and the inside of each card reads:


We have made a donation to Oxfam to give communities living in poverty a happier and brighter future.

Please complete the order form with your name and contact details to receive your wedding favours by post. You can also call (01) 672 7662 to place an order by phone.

How does this gift help?

Across the Solomon Islands, there are three million cocoa trees, yet many are poorly maintained and do not produce well. Cocoa plantations are a valuable resource. So Oxfam is providing saws, shears and holding workshops on Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPDM). With healthy plantations, family incomes are set to rise.

Brian Routa (26) learned how to prune and care for cocoa trees at an Oxfam training in Raho village: "This training is very important. If I take good care of these cocoa trees, it will help me in the future. Before, I just planted cocoa, but I didn't have any idea how to prune. So I'm happy today. I also got tools and seeds after the flash flooding. So, big thank you to Oxfam for providing this help."