Thanks a BUNCH€15 / £13

This gift supports vital humanitarian work through our Saving Lives programme.
Providing food in the aftermath of a natural disaster or in a refugee camp is just one of the ways you’ll help families in the most difficult of times.
Prefer to order by phone? Call 1850 30 40 55 (Republic of Ireland) or 0800 0 30 40 55 (Northern Ireland) between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.
Please note that this Unwrapped Gift is currently only available as an ECard.


The money raised by this gift will go into our Saving Lives fund, providing what’s needed most in emergency situations around the world, including food vouchers.
You’ll be helping people like Penda, a widow and a mother of five, who lives in Mello village in Mali. People were struggling to feed their families due to poor rainfall and high food prices. Penda was struggling to sleep at night and people were increasingly forced to survive on water-lily leaves.
To help the community, we provided 1,400 households in the region with vouchers on a monthly basis, which families can use in 76 shops, helping to support local trade.
“We had nothing in our stomachs,” Penda says. “Now, with the vouchers I can buy what I want. Last time I got oil, rice, soap and cubes. This time I plan to get some millet and some sugar. There were a lot of people suffering like me in Mello.”