I HERD it was your birthday!€30 / £27

Celebrate someone’s birthday with the gift a cow - they’ll be mooved by this gift! And so will lots of people and communities who rely on animals to make a secure and sustainable living.
By providing communities who depend on animals for their livelihoods with new opportunities, you’ll be supporting them in a variety of ways, including veterinary care for their animals, agricultural training or even village grain banks.
Prefer to order by phone? Call 1850 30 40 55 (Republic of Ireland) or 0800 0 30 40 55 (Northern Ireland) between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.
Please note that this Unwrapped Gift is currently only available as an ECard.


The money raised from this gift will go into our Livelihoods fund, supporting a wide range of life-changing programmes. 
You’ll be helping people like Noongishu, a widow and mother of six in Tanzania.  Since receiving her cow, her life has been transformed.  She is now able to sell milk to earn income for food and basic household items and to provide for her family.
“I have been lifted from the pool of poverty and am now valued in the society.”