Pass the present

Pass the Present at children’s birthdays and help change the future.
“My kids get so many presents on their birthdays – they barely play with half of them!”
Sound familiar?
To solve this dilemma, we’ve developed Pass the Present.
The idea is simple – as the parent of the birthday boy or girl, you invite a few of their party guests (or their mums and dads!) to make a donation to help children affected by poverty overseas instead of buying your child a present. 
In return, the birthday boy or girl will receive a fantastic puzzle pack plus a certificate in the post on behalf of those who made a donation.
You can ask as many guests as you like to take part in Pass the Present and because everyone else will buy a gift as normal, your child still gets plenty of presents on their special day.
The donations received through Pass the Present will go towards helping thousands of families build a better future for themselves and their communities. 
You’ll be supporting our work in countries like Malawi and Tanzania, helping to provide life-saving drinking water where it is needed, send more girls to school, and give seeds and tools to farmers so that they can provide for their children.


Contact Serena O’Reilly (01) 6350 433  or email She will send you some invite letters, donation forms and freepost envelopes to give to party-goers and their parents.
The guests then fill out the donation form and send it directly to Oxfam Ireland.
Your child receives the puzzle pack soon after, including thank you cards to give to the guests who donated.
Pass the Present, change the future!