Make Change Happen

As a member of the Right to Refuge campaign, you’ll be part of a movement of people across the island of Ireland who are using their voice to create lasting change in the lives of refugees and migrants. Together, we have already achieved so much, here and across the world. 

We put pressure on the UK government ahead of the first UN summit on refugees and migration in 2016 - where world leaders agreed on a new global response to the migration crisis. 

Closer to home, we’re continuing to campaign to change the rules around family reunification for refugees living in the UK. In March this year, MPs voted to support a Bill that, if successful, will help keep refugees families together.

But we have more to do – and we need your help.

Please sign our Right to Refuge pledge:

I believe that people deserve more than just survival.

I believe that all those caught up in humanitarian crises, forced to flee their homes because of conflict, disaster and poverty, have the right to safety and dignity.  

I will use my voice to call on governments and decision makers to ensure that people on the move don’t just survive but are afforded the welcome and protection that is their right.

I pledge my support to the Right to Refuge campaign.


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