Right to Refuge - Speak Out, Save Lives

Keep families together
Dear Theresa May, I support the Right to Refuge for all people fleeing conflict and persecution. I call on the UK government to do more to protect refugees by sharing responsibility with other world leaders and finding solutions for the millions of people currently displaced. These people need protection, dignity and solidarity and the time to act is now. I urge you to defend and uphold refugees’ rights during the negotiations of the UN Global Compact on Refugees at the UN Summit in September 2018. The UK must be a champion and speak out to save lives.
In 2016, Oxfam’s Right to Refuge campaign put pressure on governments ahead of the first UN summit on refugees and migration. An incredible 32,000 people from across the island of Ireland joined us by signing our petition calling on the Irish and UK governments to do more to protect refugees and migrants.
Global leaders came together and agreed to protect the rights of refugees and migrants, to save lives and share responsibility for people who have been forced to leave everything behind, including the place they call home. Commitments were made, but what we urgently need now is action.
In September 2018, world leaders will come together again to negotiate a new deal for refugees - the UN Global Compact on Refugees – which will spell out how these commitments are to be achieved.
Oxfam is working hard to make sure the Compact is based on the obligation to respect, protect and fulfil the rights of refugees to ensure safety, dignity and protection. They must be the beginning of an improved global response where every country does their fair share to help millions of innocent people forced to flee.
However, in order to make a real impact – like we did in 2016 – we need your help.
Join our campaign and demand that our leaders defend the right to refuge and find solutions for millions of people forced to flee for their lives.


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