Desktop Surfer€129 / £99

  • Desktop Surfer - €129/ £99
Temporarily out of stock

This computer has been refurbished to the highest standard. Ideal for Internet and general use including Facebook, Youtube and emails. Fully operational and functions as intended.

Comes with 12 month warranty.

Desktop specifications:

Dual Core 1.8 Ghz Processor
80 GB HDD / 1 GB RAM
17” TFT Screen, DVD-ROM, keyboard and mouse
Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System, Microsoft Anti-virus & Firewall
Comes with Open Office (an excellent alternative to MS Office) & Adobe PDF Viewer

Delivery only within Ireland & UK.

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Vansy from Cambodia
Vansy from Cambodia
Photo: Simon Rawles / Oxfam

Your purchase transforms lives

By purchasing an Oxfam computer, you’re helping to fund innovative initiatives such as Oxfam’s Pink Phones Project in Cambodia.

This means women like Vansy (pictured) who live in rural communities receive mobile phones and are sent vital farming information such as market prices for their crops and weather patterns, helping them to plan the best time to harvest.

This technology has transformed women’s lives by enabling them to buy bigger plots of land, sell more vegetables and build a sustainable livelihood.