Desktop Pro€225 / £179

  • Desktop Pro - €239/ £199
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This computer has been refurbished to the highest standard. Top of our range, it's fast, powerful and has huge storage.  Ideal for complex programs, graphics and multimedia.

Comes with a 12 month warranty.

Desktop specifications:

Dual Core 2.9 Ghz
160 GB HDD / 4 GB RAM,
19” TFT Screen, DVD RW, keyboard and mouse
Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System, Microsoft Anti-virus & Firewall
Comes with Open Office (an excellent alternative to MS Office) & Adobe PDF Viewer

Delivery only within Ireland & UK.

Prefer to buy in store? Find your nearest Oxfam shop selling this range.

Songoi at school in Tanzania
Songoi at school in Tanzania
Photo: Geoff Sayer / Oxfam

Your purchase transforms lives

By choosing a Born Again computer, you could help children like Songoi (pictured) in Tanzania with the opportunity to open a new chapter in life through education.

Every schoolday teacher Daudi Mulenger carries a large blackboard up the hill from his homestead and leans it against the trunk of a lone acacia tree.

Arriving in twos and threes from unseen homes, the pupils like Songoi sit on sun-bleached logs arranged in a rough semi-circle close to the blackboard.

By helping children to learn and teachers to teach, you will be opening up a whole new world of opportunities.