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Welcome to our Trailtrekker fundraising page! On June 7th 2014 me and my team will embark on a trek through the stunning Mourne Mountains to fight poverty with Oxfam. I would be very grateful if you would share this unforgettable experience by sponsoring me. I am ready to challenge myself to challenge poverty, will you donate to my team? You can use any credit card, debit card or you can donate by Paypal also. All the funds raised by participants go directly to families in the world’s poorest communities. Many thanks for all your support. Let’s take a step in the right direction!

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Andrei Florea
€ 320 RAISED OF A € 385 GOAL

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Lloyd, Mama, Vanessa, Catherine, Carole .
Andrei Florea
€ 33 4 Apr 2014
Santosh, Ragini and Melvyn Koonjul
Andrei Florea
€ 150 23 Mar 2014 Well done and good luck :)
Vanessa Koonjul
Andrei Florea
€ 44 3 Mar 2014 Jah bless your acts of kindness for our needy brothers and sisters.
Ricardo Vieira
Andrei Florea
€ 2 3 Mar 2014
William Smith
Andrei Florea
€ 5 3 Mar 2014
Arief Youssif
Andrei Florea
€ 25 3 Mar 2014
Olga, Paolo, Daniel D'Allesandro
Andrei Florea
€ 30 26 Feb 2014
eugenia genunchi
Andrei Florea
€ 10 26 Feb 2014
Nina Florea
Andrei Florea
€ 21 24 Feb 2014 Have fun