from india

Munni Devi, a widow, had land but no way to farm it. Her region of Uttar Pradesh in northern India is amongst the driest parts of the region. Munni could grow one mustard crop each year but during the dry summer months she had to let her land lie idle and go and work for a local landlord. That all changed with the help of Oxfam and local organisation Parmarth. With your support, we developed a programme with Parmarth to help people in Uttar Pradesh improve water sources and set up community farming schemes to increase the number of crops they could grow.



from uganda

Noolarami Kilanga comes from a small farming village in Uganda. Like so many others, she was reliant on animals for food and income. In the summer of 2011, disaster struck. Drought blighted her land and Noolarami’s goat died, depriving her family of one of their main sources of money. However, thanks to your generosity new goats have been brought into the area and Noolarami now has nine. These goats have opened up new possibilities for the lives of her children, she says. “With these goats I am now somebody. I won’t miss food again. I'm sure that my small children will now have milk.



from malawi

Farmers in Malawi rely on rainfall for their crops, but when the rains don’t come that can lead to widespread hunger. Charles Kenani knows all about the changing rainfall patterns. As a small farmer in the village of Mnembo, the effects of climate change were making it impossible for him to grow enough food to feed his family. That’s when you stepped in. With your support, we worked with the community to develop an irrigation scheme, which helps to provide water even in times of drought. The results have changed the fortunes of Charles and his family.



our approach



our approach

Tackling poverty means changing the way the world thinks and acts. We campaign for that change.



our approach

Day by day, we’re seeing amazing things. We know that through practical, long-term support communities can build their own future free from poverty.

Big steps. Made possible by supporters with big hearts.



our goal



our goal



our goal

Ending poverty starts with women

You’re more likely to be poor if you’re a woman. You’re more likely to go hungry and be kept out of school. You’re less likely to own land or have the right to make decisions affecting your life.

Poverty has a female face. But so does the solution.

If women farmers had the same access to land, tools, seeds and credit as men,
they could grow enough extra food to feed more than 100 million of the world’s hungriest people.

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