Trailtrekker Fundraising Tips

7 June 2014
Trailtrekker 50km & 25km
Trailtrekker 50km & 25km
7 June 2014

By signing up to take part in Trailtrekker 2014, you will be helping to make a significant difference in the lives of people affected by severe poverty and injustice around the world. 

The money raised from the event will be used to fund Oxfam’s long-term development projects, as well as our response to emergencies and our campaigning to empower people to speak out together. 

Check out the About Oxfam page to find out more about the life-changing work you will be contributing to. 

Fundraising Advice

Each team member has committed to raising a minimum of £310/€385 for the 50km event and £210/€265 for the 25km event. Teams should have 75% of their fundraising pledge in with Oxfam one month before the event and endeavour to forward the remainder one month after the event.

Once you have completed Trailtrekker 2014 you will not only have accomplished a physical feat but you will also have made a lasting difference to the lives of people living in severe poverty through Oxfam’s work worldwide.

How do I raise the minimum sponsorship?

Every team is different and will probably need a mix of a number of fundraising activities to reach their total target. Fundraising can be hard work and will require time and planning but there’s also lots of potential for fun – get creative and you’re sure to reach your target in no time!

Set up your online fundraising page

After you’ve registered, you’ll have your very own team fundraising page. Here you can upload pictures, profile your events and tell friends, family and colleagues about your training adventures, as well as being able to update them on your fundraising progress. Messages from your supporters can also be posted on your site. It's a great way to engage people overseas and at home!

Traditional fundraising

We will provide you with traditional sponsorship forms – so distribute these amongst your friends, in your gym or on staff room noticeboards, etc. 

Organise an event

Events are a great way to raise larger sums of money quickly. Think about activities that interest you and that you’ll enjoy organising e.g. pub quizzes, cake sales, auctions, golf days or even a car boot sale!

Think outside the box, utilise your existing contacts and remember to make your event as cost effective as possible. Try to get venues for free, sell your tickets upfront and always hold a raffle to raise a little extra cash!

Let us know what you’re up to

We love your stories! Keep in touch with what you’re doing to raise funds – we might have local media in your area looking for teams to interview or we could give you a shout-out on Twitter, our Trailtrekker Facebook Group and other social media. 

Got more questions?

Please contact the Oxfam events team for advice and support!

Dublin: (01) 635 0403
Belfast: (028) 9089 5972