Frequently Asked Questions

For all you need to know about Trailtrekker 2014!
Trailtrekker 2014
Trailtrekker 2014
7 June 2014

How do I register?

You can register for Trailtrekker 2014 here or call +353 1 6350 403 (Republic of Ireland) / +44 7436 283 715 (Northern Ireland). 

There is a registration fee of £25/€30 per person for either the 25 or 50km event. This is a personal event commitment fee and is non-refundable.

Do I have to meet the minimum fundraising pledge?

Yes. If you have signed up, you have committed to raising a minimum of £210/€265 per person taking part in the 25km trek, while the target is £310/€385 each for those in the 50km event. 

Teams should have 75% of their fundraising pledge in with Oxfam one month before the event and endeavour to forward the remainder one month afterwards.

How many people can I have on my team?

Your team can be made up of between 3 to 6 people.

Can my team complete the event as a relay race?

No, teams must walk (or run!) the full 50km or 25km route together.

How do I get a team on board?

Start by approaching friends or colleagues. If you’re a member of a gym, sporting group or other organisation, there might be like-minded friends there who would like to participate. Target those you feel will bring strong qualities to the team e.g. organisational skills, enthusiasm, focus. But most of all they’ll need to be up for the challenge!

If you are struggling to put a team together, try posting in our Trailtrekker Facebook group to see if there is another team in your area that you can join.

What happens if one of my team pulls out of the event?

If one of your team members needs to drop out, please advise the Oxfam events team of your new team member’s details ASAP. If you are unable to find anyone to take their place, please contact us for advice.

Who can enter?

Anyone who is fit and healthy, and prepared to put in the necessary training! At least one team member must be 18 or over on the date of the event. Minimum age for participating is 16.

How much training do I have to do?

Trailtrekker offers an opportunity for you to get outdoors and improve your fitness levels. Thorough training will help you build your stamina but everyone has different goals. Some of the training will enable you to test how often you need to eat and rest along the route and what clothes/footwear you would prefer.

For more on Training click here

What should I wear? 

You’ll need to wear practical and comfortable clothing suitable for unpredictable weather conditions. 

Are trainers or hiking boots better for this event? 

A good pair of hiking boots or running shoes is recommended. It depends on your preference. You should decide on your footwear well in advance of the event and train in them.

Download our Trailtrekker Kit List here

Where can I stay overnight?

Download our accommodation list here.

Or try Knockbarragh Hostel's Outdoor Activity Residential Centre.

Will my mobile phone work?

There are some areas of the trail where mobile phones do not work. We will advise on phone coverage closer to the event.

Are there checkpoints along the route?

There will be many checkpoints along the route, where there will be a chance to rest and refuel. Checkpoint details and facilities will be confirmed with teams before the event.

Got more questions?

Please contact the Oxfam events team for advice and support!

Dublin: (01) 635 0403

Belfast: (028) 9089 5972