Tax Efficient Giving ROI


If you donate €250 or more in one calendar year and are a PAYE-only tax payer, we can claim tax back on your gift and make your generous donation go even further. This is at no extra cost to you.

Zahra with a baby goat.
Zahra with a baby goat.


The amount we get depends on the exact sum you donated, the higher your donations, the more tax we can claim back.

Your tax back could change the lives of four families like Zahra’s for the better by getting them ducks, a goat, a cow and some chicks.


All you need to do is download the form, fill in your details and return to us. Remember, it does not affect your tax situation in any way. All tax information we receive will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Put below on an envelope:

Oxfam Ireland
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We send out tax forms once a year to donors who qualify for tax back on their donations. If you would like us to send you a form now, please call (01) 6350 405 or email


Am I eligible to claim tax relief?
If you are a PAYE-only taxpayer and have donated €250 or more to Oxfam Ireland in one calendar year, we can claim tax back from the Irish government at no cost to you (except a postage stamp).

We can claim tax back on direct debits and standing orders, Unwrapped gift purchases, emergency donations and all personal cash donations. The scheme does not apply to sponsorship gifts, collections or group donations.

Self-assessed tax payers can also claim tax relief themselves on qualifying donations made. We can supply a copy of your donations so it can be included with your assessment form.

What is a PPS number?
Your Personal Public Service (PPS) number is a unique reference number that helps to you to gain access to benefits and information from public service agencies in Ireland. You can find your PPS numbers on: all correspondence from Revenue, such as your Social Services Card, P60 and P45. It will also be printed on your pay slip.

Will the information I give be used for anything else?
All information supplied to us will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used to claim tax back.

How can I calculate how much more my donation could be worth?
To calculate how much more your donation could be worth, you can use the following formula:

If you pay tax at the standard rate at 20%:
Donation amount given x 100 ÷ 80 = value of donation to Oxfam (i.e. €300 x 100 ÷ 80 = €375)

If you pay tax at the higher rate at 41%:
Donation amount given x 100 ÷ 59 = value of donation to Oxfam (i.e. €300 x 100 ÷ 59 = €508.47)

What if I am self-assessed or a company?
If you are self-assessed or a company you can reclaim the tax yourself when you complete your annual tax return. You can then choose to make a donation out of the money you reclaim from the tax office. Companies donating more than €250 in a financial year can claim tax relief as a trading expense. We can provide the necessary receipts that are needed to file these returns.

Can I claim if I am partly self-assessed and partly PAYE?
We can only claim on behalf of people who are PAYE-only for the year. You can, however, claim yourself when you complete your own tax return.

I do not pay tax but my husband/wife does.
Married couples can claim tax together as either person can claim on their PPS number. If one person is on a higher rate of tax, we can claim on the higher rate.

I am a pensioner. Does this apply to me?
Some pensioners pay tax on their pension and we can claim on this amount.

If I give to a number of charities, can I claim the total amount from the scheme?
A charity can only claim from the donations given to it and these donations have to be over €250. For example, if you give €150 to charity X and €150 to charity Y throughout the year, the charities will not be eligible to claim relief on either donation.

How much do I need to give to make my monthly direct debit tax-efficient?
Direct debits give us the crucial security to plan ahead, budget more efficiently and make our limited resources go so much further. A monthly donation of €21 will make your donation to Oxfam Ireland go that extra bit further. We can also claim on Unwrapped gift purchases, emergency donations and all personal cash donations.

For more information, or to update your tax details with us, please call us on (01) 6350 405 or
Information can also be found on Revenue’s website.